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March 17, 2012

Leinenkugel’s Chalks Up Another Win With Honey Weiss 3.17.2012

Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss beer straight out of the great state of WI.

Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss beer straight out of the great state of WI.

TBR Reports on Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss
File Date: 3.17.2012

File Name: I’m No Captain of Industry.
The Beer: Honey Weiss
Type: Kristalweizen
Serving: Bottle
Stats: 4.9% ABV
Brewer: Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing
Web Site:
State/Country of Origin: WI, USA
Brewer Info: The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company, the seventh-oldest brewery in the United States, is the oldest business in Chippewa Falls and one of the oldest in the state.  Our commitment and tradition of brewing quality products is matched only by the wants of generations of genuine beer-loving customers.  The origin of the name Wisconsin is Ojibwan.  To the Ojibwa, Wisconsin means gathering of the waters.  It was the waters of the Chippewa River, Duncan Creek and the Big Eddy Springs where Jacob Leinenkugel Found a home for his brewery in 1867.  The Leinenkugel brewing legacy in the United States continues today, more than 140 years and five generations later.

tbr-hw-insertBrewer Brand Hype: Since its introduction in 1995, Honey Weiss has created quite a buzz. Brewed with Red Valley Wheat, Yakima Valley Cluster hops and a touch of real Wisconsin honey. Leinie’s Honey Weiss has a crisp, clean perfectly balanced flavor. Top your Honey Weiss off with a lemon wedge, sit back and enjoy.
Label: Wheat Beer Brewed With Real Wisconsin Honey.

The Brewski Review: Cold, crisp and a hint of sweetness. The color is a pale golden that poured with a nice tight, fast dissolving head. Excellent beer for a warm day outside. Not so much for a cool winter day in the month of March. Of course, I’m a big Leinie fan and this beer doesn’t fail me. I’d recommend you try several of the Leinenkugel brands and see for yourself. They have a slick web site that’s nice to visit as well. The only downside? I’d buy one of their Tee’s, Hoodies or a noggin caps but the prices are a little on the North side of my limits. I’m no captain of industry or a fancy Wall Street type. I’m just a regular Joe trying to make it like everyone else in this world.

Drinkability: Big Leinie fan.
Appearance: Pale golden color
The Buds: Crisp with a hint of sweetness
TBR Cap Rating: 4.25 caps out of 5.

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