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November 2, 2012

Mexico’s Bohemia Beer Review 11.25.2012

Mexico's Cerveza Bohemia

Mexico's Cerveza Bohemia

TBR Reports on Mexico’s Cerveza Bohemia
File Date:  11.25.2012

File Name: Preparing for Dec. 21st
The Beer: Cerveza Bohemia
Type: German Pilsener
Serving: Bottle
Stats: 5.3% ABV
Brewer: Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, S.A. de C.V (Heineken)
Web Site:
State/Country of Origin: Mexico
Brewer Info: It started in 1944 when Alberto Aldrete took over an old brick building that had been producing vegetable oil since it was built in 1929. Aldrete was operating a small malt factory in Tecate and had been brewing a beer as a sideline for over a year. He named his new brew after the town and it became the first maquiladora in Baja California.  In 1954 the brewery was sold to Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, a major brewer in Monterrey, Mexico that had been producing Bohemia and Carta Blanca beers. Today, the Cuauhtemoc brewery also produces Superior, Sol and Dos Equis along with the others in several different locations.  Today only Tecate and Carta Blanca are produced in the Tecate Brewery. Carta Blanca is a lighter pilsner beer, and most Baja beerdrinkers feel it doesn’t have the full rich flavor of Tecate.  The Tecate Beer that is exported is of a slightly lesser alcohol content, but that doesn’t make it any less popular north of the border. Tecate has the highest canned beverage sales of any import to the U.S.  The custom of squeezing a lime into Mexican beer began with Tecate beer.  The original brewmaster was of Scottish descent (last name Lorimer), who brought the idea from Great Britain where sailors would be given limes with their daily ration of grog to stave off scurvy (this is where the expression “limey” came from).

tbr-bohemia-logoBrewer Brand Hype: His personality is known for its rich aroma and a rich, full flavor, the result of a craft in which they operate only ingredients of the highest quality. Bohemia, considered one of the finest beers from Mexico, promotes the culture of marriage and the importance of beer in the world of gastronomy. Thanks to its rich ingredients, Bohemia is the perfect beer to pair any dish, highlighting the flavors of foods like beer. Bohemia was founded in 1905 with the purpose of being the finest beer in the Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc then. Using the finest European hops from the famous region of Bohemia in the Czech Republic, our brewmaster keeps the recipe for this elegant golden beer, which has transcended and achieved significant recognition.
Label: Imported Beer. Cerveza Bohemia. Est. 1905.

The Brewski Review: Pulling out the Christmas tree and hanging lights is the normal thing to do after Thanksgiving isn’t it? Well, working in the basement getting ready to get ready also counts. My wife and kids were upstairs while I was in the basement getting my workbench organization crazies on. My wife comes downstairs, looks at me and just shakes her head. My natural response is ‘What?’. I guess tooling up during the holiday season is frowned upon in my wife’s viewpoint. Heck, December 21st is nearly upon us. Isn’t that supposed to be the end of the world as we know it? When the world starts to fall apart, I need to know where to get my McGyver equipment. I may need to build an ark out of duck tape, cardboard and 8 penny cc nails. Anyway, I thought a beer would be nice so I pulled this one out of the fridge. It poured with minimal head that dissipated quickly and left a disturbing looking coagulation of foam on the top. The color was a very light golden color that looked almost like an American Adjunct Lager. It went down without coming back up so that was a plus. Overall, it had a decent flavor that held it’s own.

Drinkability: Would not purchase again.
Appearance: Very light – almost clear – in color.
The Buds: Little hoppy bitterness.
TBR Cap Rating: 3.25 caps out of 5

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