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November 25, 2008


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Welcome to The Brewski Report.  This is my journalistic endeavor, of sorts, to document some of the better tasting  beer and to archive some historical information on beer, breweries, beer marketing, photos and assorted facts.  I like beer and things relating to beer.  The purpose of this blog is to share my enthusiasm for a good beverage, benchmark the different brands I’ve tasted, enlighten those who would care to know a little bit about my personal life and completely waste what little bit of precious time I have left for myself.

Now, the disclaimers….

Straightaway, I don’t consider myself a beer ‘expert’.  I don’t sit at a special table in a darkened room swirling beer around my mouth while taking notes.  I don’t try to taste the subtle nuances in the flavors or distinguish sophisticated aromas.  I just drink beer and note whether I like it or not.  There may be a structured format to the reviews but I won’t be pontificating over ‘head retention’ and other related beer characteristics.  I am also not a beer brewing fanatic.  I don’t care to know the name of the man who brews my beer, his hobbies or the name of his dog.  Nor do I have an interest in brewing my own batch at home.  With a 50+ hour work week, two infant children, a 100 year old house to renovate and many other passions (including my wife) to attend I’ll let this one go.  The history of beer is interesting to me as is the history of brewing; but, the actual brewing of beer?  Nah.  I’ll leave that to others.

Furthermore, I’m not a professional journalist.  I’ll try to make the read go easy.  Perhaps sprinkle a little bit of brute humor (more dry than crude) to grease the semantics.  Otherwise, you’ll have to forgive my misplaced punctuation and contorted verbosity from time to time.  You’ll also be reading quite a bit about my personal life with each review.  As noted earlier, I’m a busy person.  About the only time I have to grab a bottle of beer at home is between putting down a hammer or paint brush and playing a game with my kids.  Whatever I may be thinking about or doing when I’m ‘tasting’  may undoubtedly become fodder for the blog trough.

All that being said, I hope you enjoy your time spent on this site.  As time permits I’ll have the opportunity to make improvements and add more content (Hey, I have kids.  Being fortunate enough to even have a shoestring budget would be like receiving a Federal Economic Stimulus Package).  So, please be patient.  Rome wasn’t built in a day (but it was probably erected quicker than it’s taking me to renovate my old house).

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