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February 14, 2010

Dundee Brewing’s Festive Ale Beer Review 2.14.10

There Was So Much Head On This Beer I had To Stop Pouring.

There Was So Much Head On This Beer I had To Stop Pouring.

The Brewski Report Reviews Dundee’s Festive Ale Seasonal Beer and Quantity Drinking.
File Date: 2.14.2010

File Name:  How Less Beer Can Be Good For You.
The Beer: Festive Ale  
Type: Winter Warmer
Serving: Bottle
Stats: 6.2% ABV
Brewer: Dundee Brewing Co. / Highfalls Brewing Co.                           Website:                                             Country of Origin: NY, USA
Brewer Info: The Dundee family of Ales & Lagers was created to be one of the great names in craft brewing. Each member is special and unique.  And you’ll love them all equally.  Just like your mom loves all of the kids
in the family.  Ok, who are we kidding here? We know mom had her favorite.  But that doesn’t mean that she didn’t love you….when the lawn needed mowing or the garbage needed to go out.  The point is that in a family, there are times when every member has his moment.  In the Dundee family of Ales & Lagers, every member is the perfect choice – depending on your mood, your mindset, or your meal.  Just be yourself and choose.

tbr-dundee-logoBrewer Brand Hype: The company’s hype of this beverage is nonexistent at the time of this posting.  Their web site is up to date and did not include any reference to this seasonal beer.
Label: Dundee Festive Ale.  Ahhhh, the holiday season.  The peace.  The tranquility.  The crowds at the mall.  The mandatory office parties.  The in-laws.  Arrgh, the holiday season.  With a mild nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, and orange peel spice character, Dundee Festive Ale is the perfect answer for the season.  Be festive.

The Brewski Review:  My life today is in such contrast to my life 10 years ago.  One may counter that life isn’t stagnant and therefore change is eminent. This is true.  But, rather, I’m speaking abou the quality of life.  BMaK – before marriage and kids – there were some luxuries I took for granted: time, money, sleep and beer.  Now that I’m a husband and father, I seem to have less of all these and more of others like love.  But that’s not to say that having less is all bad.  Let’s review: Less time – bad.  Less money – bad.  Less sleep – bad.  Less beer – not so bad.  So, let me explain why less beer can be good.  When I was single I took extreme liberties with alcohol.  Yes.  I’m being modest.  I met my wife at a local festival while ‘slightly’ toasted.  Even the paper money in my pocket was wadded up into balls (Yeah, the drunks know what I’m talking about …. they all know that even operating the technicalities of a wallet can be difficult at times.). With the reduction in my consumption I can concentrate on the taste and quality of the beer – something I didn’t do when I was pounding plastic pitchers of whatever the next guy brought back to the table. I don’t review too many beers because I don’t have much time (see note above).  That said, I like my life now.  I may have given up a few things but I received a whole lot more in return.  Spending time with the wife and kids: Priceless.  Having a pocket full of cash, the time to get plastered and sleep it off: nah.  Been there.  Done that.

Drinkability: Good.  Would drink again.  Hopefully Dundee’s other brands are as tasty.
Appearance:  Medium to dark amber.  Excellent pour head.
The Buds: Reminds me of the Pumpkin Ales I’ve come to like.
TBR Cap Rating: 4.0 TBR Cap rating out of 5.

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