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July 4, 2010

Rogue Ale’s Juniper Pale Ale Beer Review 7.4.10

Pssst! Juniper Berries Are The Secret Ingredient.

Pssst! Juniper Berries Are The Secret Ingredient.

The Brewski Report Reviews Rogue’s Juniper Pale Ale
File Date: 7.4.2010

 File Name: With friends like this…(insert joke here).
The Beer: Juniper Pale Ale
Type: Herbed/Spice
Serving: Bottle
Stats: 5.3% ABV
Brewer: Rogue Ales Brewery/Oregon Brewing Co.
Web Site:
Country of Origin: OR, USA
Brewer Info: Construction began in June of 1988 in Ashland along a very scenic little stream called Lithia Creek. The first brews were Amber and Gold. The Brewery and Pub opened in October 1988. While the Brew Pub was located in a very pretty and scenic location, had a beautiful deck and enjoyed moderate success and the beer was great, Ashland was not to be Rogue’s only adventure. Ashland was basically land locked, and frankly we were losing our butts in Ashland, trying to sell our hand-crafted ales. In early February of 1989, Jack wandered to Newport in search of the perfect place for another Rogue Pub. Legend has it that a terrible and unusual snow storm struck and Jack found himself stranded on the Historic Bay Front, with no way up the hill. He was forced to walk the streets until he met up with Mohave Neimi, founder of the famous Mo’s Clam Chowder. She took him to the original Mo’s restaurant, gave him a bowl of hot clam chowder and told him about her dream of living above a Bar and how she might just have the perfect spot for the next Rogue Brew Pub. Mo offered the vacant space and the garage to Jack at a very generous price, under two stipulations: that a picture of Mo herself, naked in a bath tub, be forever displayed at the Pub (it’s still there today just to the left of the Bar) and that Rogue “feed the fisherman”, meaning that we give back to the local community. This building was known as the Front & Case Bldg. The Pub opened in May of 1989, with a small but enthusiastic customer base, made up of curious locals who dropped by to see what was going on and never left. Many joined in and helped with the construction and other projects as needed. The names of many of these early customers have been immortalized with brass plaques that grace the bar today. So begins the story of Rogue Ales, enjoy!

Brewer Brand Hype: The Turkey was named the official bird of the rogueRogue Nation in August 2007. To commemorate the momentous occasion, Rogue Juniper Pale Ale was dedicated to “the turkey in each of us.” An axe and the dedication have been added to the serigraphed 22oz bottle and Juniper Pale Ale tap stickers. The Pilgrims were ale drinkers and most likely enjoyed beer at the first Thanksgiving. Juniper Pale Ale, like all Rogue products preserves water by using more ingredients, contains no chemicals, additives or preservatives and uses Free Range Coastal Water. A pale ale, saffron in color with a smooth malt balance, floral aroma with a dry spicy finish from whole juniper berries.
Label: Ale Brewed with Juniper Berries.

The Brewski Review: Brewed with Juniper berries? I really couldn’t detect the subtle flavor of the Juniper berries but it was a good beer. I would have thought this beer would have been clear but alas, it was a rather cloudy, deep gold color. I noticed a medium bitterness with a slight aftertaste. It is a crisp beer. Maybe this comes from the Free Range Coastal Water? What? Is there any other type of coastal water other than free range? What kind of marketing hype is this? Aside from a decent tasting beer, I’m reluctant to buy this marketing hyperbole. Which reminds me of a recent call from an old friend that was left on my work phone the other day. We had attended the same elementary and high school together but haven’t spoken since a reunion a few years back. I wasn’t in the office to take the call (go figure, I was out of town) but when I did retrieve the message I wasn’t so quick to return the call. His ultimate reason for the call was to sell a service to our company. A couple days passed and he calls again. This time I picked up the phone. We exchanged the usual ‘been a long time’ banter and reminisced about a few stories. He said he tried to look me up on Facebook but couldn’t find me (not my bag). At the end he said that his phone number was in the book if I wanted to call him and meet up for a drink some time. The likelihood that I’ll call him is rather slim. Actually, I can trace back my untrusting nature in people to this very one individual. Who needs a shrink? When I was about 8 or 9 years old I received a cassette player from my parents at Christmas. It wasn’t a week old when this friend asked that he borrow it. Okay. I was hesitant but I let it go. He returns it broken, with superglue fingerprints all over the top in a very sloppy attempt at repair. When I humbly asked what happened he litterally raised his voice, got in my face and said ‘What? It’s fixed isn’t it?’ Talk about a bummer. There have been other instances since then but this one point in time undoubtedly laid an unplumb foundation in my life.  

Drinkability: Decent beverage.
Appearance: Cloudy golden straw color.
The Buds: Malty tasting.
TBR Cap Rating: 3.75 out of 5.

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