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July 6, 2013

Spoetzl Brewery’s Shiner Blonde Pale Lager Beer Review 7.6.2013

Shiner Blonde from Spoetzl Brewery.

Shiner Blonde from Spoetzl Brewery.

TBR Reports on Spoetzl’s Shiner Blonde Pale Lager Beer
File Date: 7.6.2013

File Name: Drink For Yourself
The Beer: Shiner Blonde
Type: American Pale Lager
Serving: Bottle
Stats: 4.4% ABV
Brewer: Spoetzl Brewery
Web Site:
State/Country of Origin: TX, USA
Brewer Info: From its earliest time under the Shiner Brewing Association in 1909, to that fateful day in 1914 when Kosmos Spoetzl saw an opportunity to bring classic Bavarian Brewing traditions to his fellow immigrants, through the “Great Experiment” of Prohibition and and Great Depression, the “Little Brewery” has stuck to what they know best – handcrafting the finest beer.

Brewer Brand Hype: A true golden lager with a golden heritage of natural brewing.
Label: Shiner’s Own Classic Style Golden Lager. The local favorite. For over a century, we’ve been brewing this Bohemian-style golden lager at our small brewery right here in Shiner, TX (pop. 2,070). And for just as long, it’s been a local favorite. Folks around here have always loved the blend of European and American hops that makes this blonde slightly sweet and full of flavor. We hope you enjoy it as much as our locals do. PROSIT!

The Brewski Review: Another fourth has come and gone. The fireworks were good and the margaritas were cold. I drank three and felt like falling asleep on blanket waiting for the festivities to start. We were lucky with the weather as well. It feels as though it’s been raining non-stop for about the last month. It must be global warming. If it’s too cold it’s global warming. Too hot? Again, global warming. Too much snow or rain. Global warming. I like the ‘scientific’ analysis of the weather conditions the Greenies like to tout – ALL weather related anomalies are attributed to global warming. They cover all the bases so no one can refute the ‘facts’. Then, it’s really sad when everything else is politicized as being caused by global warming such as Hurricane Sandy, the Oklahoma City tornado, forest fires in Colorado and the list goes on. I fear for the world my kids will inherit – like the movie Idiocracy – where everyone is dumbed down due to years of believing what the news media, movie stars, sports figures and politicians tell them. AND, that’s why you shouldn’t believe everything I say or any of the large industrial brewers with their multi-billion dollar ad campaigns – go out and buy some of these beers yourself and give ’em a try. Educate yourself so you can make informed decisions and exercise your freedom of choice. I think the first place to start is a Spoetzl sampler 12 pack. You can’t go wrong with this one including the Shiner Blonde I cracked open today. This mild pale lager is slightly on the sweet side and pours a pale golden color. The head was minimal and what did form didn’t stick around all but a couple minutes. It’s definitely worth a try especially on a nice warm day where it would go down very nicely. Not the downpour I’m witnessing outside my window as I type this.

Drinkability: Sure.
Appearance: Pale golden color.
The Buds: Slightly on the sweet side.
TBR Cap Rating: 4.0 Caps out of 5.

I must visit this town one day. Spoetzl has put out quite a few beers I've come to like.

I must visit this town one day. Spoetzl has put out quite a few beers I’ve come to like.

April 26, 2009

Modelo Especial Beer Review 4.26.09

The Brewski Bottom Line: Three out of Five Crowns

TBR Cap Rating: 3.5 caps out of 5.

The Brewski Report’s Modelo Especial Beer Review.
File Date:  April 26, 2009


File Name:  ‘Where’s My Economic Stimulus Package?’
The Beer: Modelo Especial
Type:  Pilsner (American Adjunct Lager)
Serving: Short, Clear Bottle
Stats:  4.4% ABV

Brewer: Grupo Modelo

Web Site:   
Brewer Info:  Modelo Especial has been brewed and packaged in Mexico by Grupo Modelo since 1925 and became available in the U.S. in 1990. Grupo Modelo is Mexico’s largest brewer, operating seven state-of-the-art breweries throughout Mexico.


Brewer Brand Hype:  ‘A rich, full-flavored pilsner beer with a slightly sweet, well-balanced taste, light hop character and crisp finish.’


The Brewski Review:  I really needed a cold one this weekend.   So I reached into the fridge and pulled out a Modelo Especial hoping this would help ease the pain a bit.  Not physical pain, but fiscal pain.  Yes.  Fiscal.  We’re not talking about the economic meltdown the nation has recently experienced but rather an unfortunate turn of events affecting my domicile.  Here’s what happened….I just get done mowing the yard – first of the season.  (Aside from the fact that pushing a mower across my yard is an invitation to a broken ankle, I don’t really mind performing this chore.  It’s a mindless task you need every now and then.)  Anyway, after I push the mower back to the garage I pause next to a large pine tree – maybe 40’ tall – that stands next to the garage.  I don’t know why I paused but I did.  I look up and see the aluminum fascia on the rake is all smashed up.  ‘What the…’ I think to myself.  The garage must be hitting this frickin’ tree (paying attention?). My eyes start to follow the trunk down to the ground.  About the time I reach the bottom my wife walks up while holding our son. Hmm.  ‘The bark has cracks in it’ I say to my

wife.  As we’re standing there looking a moderate gust of wind kicks up, the cracks widen, the ground heaves up and the tree sways toward the building.  Yikes!  Ours eyes widen and we both step back.  Scientifically explained: Splits in tree trunk bad.  Strong winds bad.  Two bad things don’t equal a good thing.  Nevertheless, I spent the next 2 hrs calling tree service companies on a Saturday afternoon to come out and remove the garage killer before it finishes the job.  This cost me some major greenbacks.  Not happy about it.  And, the beer didn’t seem to make me feel any better.


Drinkability:  Somewhat.
Appearance:  Golden Yellow in color.  Pours with a nice head.  Looks good in a glass.
The Buds:  Seemed to be very carbonated.  Light and crisp just like the hype.  But I don’t agree with the slightly sweet, well-balanced taste and light hop character spiel.  
TBR Cap Rating: 3.5 out of 5. I’d drink it again if I was in Mexico and there wasn’t much else to drink.

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