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February 9, 2014

TBR’s Bass Pale Ale Beer Review 2.9.14


TBR Reports on William Bass’ Pale Ale
File Date: 2.9.14

File Name: Titanic size snow piles.
The Beer: Bass Pale Ale
Type: English Pale Ale
Serving: Bottle
Stats: 5.0% ABV
Brewer: Bass Brewers Ltd.
Web Site:
State/Country of Origin: United Kingdom (England)
Brewer Brand Hype: Bass is a full-flavored English-style ale that is still brewed according to its original
Brewer Info: The Bass Brewery was founded in 1777 by William Bass in Burton upon Trent,
England. The main brand was Bass Pale Ale, once the highest selling beer in the UK. By 1877,
Bass had become the largest brewery in the world, with an annual output of one million barrels.
Its pale ale was exported throughout the British Empire, and the company’s distinctive red triangle
became the UK’s first registered trademark.

recipe.  Select malts, aromatic hops and water rich in essential salts and minerals combine to give Bass its
slight burnt roast aroma and high-quality, full-bodied flavor.  The original English Pale Ale and England’s
first trademark, Bass has been embraced by trail-blazers since 1777.  The brand has been painted by Manet,
fought over by Napoleon and was served on the Titanic.
Label: The World’s Finest Pale Ale. Iconography – As Bass Pale Ale’s popularity grew, unscrupulous imitators
tried to pass off inferior products as Bass by copying the unique red triangle logo. In 1875, concerned for
the reputation of their beloved brew, Bass brewers applied for and were granted England’s first registered
trademark. This fine pale ale has been brewed in the great British tradition using the finest two-row
malted barley.

The Brewski Review: Served on the Titanic? Interesting. I think I have a snowpile as big as the iceberg that
sank the Titanic sitting next to my driveway. I believe my patience with winter has reached a high point –
I’ve had enough. It’s snowing every couple of days and I’ve officially run out of places to throw it.
This winter has been brutal. If it’s not snowing it’s subzero weather. I’ve had to replace a battery in one car,
my pickup truck won’t start (it also needs a new battery) and my Explorer has a leaking power steering pump
(or hose): the fluid drains out within a couple of hours. So, I’ve not been a happy camper this bitterly
cold season. Not even a good beer makes me feel better these days. This beer comes close. It’s a wonderful
tasting pale ale in my humble opinion. It pours as a amber/copper color and has a quick dissipating head that
leaves just a trace of lace on the glass. There is a nice mild, almost sweet taste that is smooth on the way
down and leaves no bitter aftertaste. Just the way I like it.

Drinkability: Will definitely drink again.
Appearance: Light amber/copper color.
The Buds: Nice and smooth.
TBR Cap Rating: 4.5 out of 5 caps.

Love the promo ad by Bass.

Love the promo ad by Bass.

And another clever promo ad from Bass & Co.

And another clever promo ad from Bass & Co.

July 30, 2010

Sam Adams’ Boston Lager Beer Review 7.30.10

Sam Adams' Boston Lager displayed in high tech drinkware.

Sam Adams' Boston Lager displayed in high tech drinkware.

The Brewski Report Reviews Sam Adams’ Boston Lager and a Good Way To Eliminate Chipmunks
File Date: 7.30.10

File Name: The Chipmunk And The Cat
The Beer: Boston Lager
Type: Vienna Lager
Serving: Draft
Stats: 4.75% ABV
Brewer: Boston Beer Co. (Samuel Adams)
Web Site:
Country of Origin: MA, USA
Brewer Info: Jim Koch founded The Boston Beer Company in 1984 because he believed that Americans deserved better beer. Today, we’re a team of about 350 people, and we all share a common passion for bringing great Samuel Adams® beers to beer lovers everywhere. We’ve worked hard for the many successes we’ve enjoyed over the years. The Boston Beer Company has been cited as one of the best companies to work for by Boston Magazine, one of the Best Entry-Level Jobs by The Princeton Review, and our beers have won more awards than any beer in history.

tbr-sa-bl-medallionBrewer Brand Hype: When Jim left his job to start a brewery, people told him he was crazy. After tasting that first batch of Samual Adams Boston Lager in his kitchen, he knew he had something that just might prove the doubters wrong. It wasn’t like any beer out there. Full flavored with hops and malt yet balanced and complex. And a beer revolution began. The incredible thing is after all these years, its still the same amazing beer and nothing else out there is quite like it.
Label: Pulled this one from the tap.

The Brewski Review: **Disclaimer: Animal lovers should NOT read this post.** That said, I’ve set a rat trap to kill the chipmunks burrowing around my house. Wisdom gained from my father. He told me this a while ago but I never really followed through until the chipmunks started burrowing through the corner of my wood porch decking. Arrrrg! The guantlet was thrown. I didn’t even bother to bait the traps, just place them in their travel path. Pow! Pow! Pow! Three in a row at one hole. Some time went by and the hole came up dry so I moved onto another. Pow! Pow! Another two. At this point, I thought about getting little chipmunk stickers with X’s through them so I could apply them to my front door – much like the WWII fighter pilots did on their planes when they had a confirmed enemy kill. My high was great until one day the trap came up missing. What the…?! In the back of my mind I made a mental note: go to store later to buy another varmit exterminator. Before that happened, my wife came home from her morning walk and said our trap was out in the street with a dead chipmunk. DANG! That must have been one bad*ss furry rodent. I figured he got his back legs trapped and he pulled himself and the trap about 60′ to the road with his front legs. I’m not sure if this was possible but that was the only explaination I could muster. Anyway, I head out to the road to retrieve the contraption and come to find out it was run over. Everything, including the chipmunk, was crushed. DRAT! About a week later my wife was chatting with the neighbor across the street and she told my wife that she watched a cat walking across the street with the chipmunk (and trap) in it’s mouth and get run over by a car. A devilish grin crossed my face when I heard this story. It was probably the same neighborhood cat that was using our flower beds as it’s litterbox. Talk about irony. Anyway, it turned out to be one very bad day for the chipmunk and the cat. But, on the bright side, my day was looking up. I would like to say I celebrated with a beer but that wasn’t the case. Had I, Sam Adams’ Boston Lager wouldn’t be that beer. Although a decent beer, it was a little hoppy for my tastes. I would drink it again if offered to me for free. I doubt I’d purchase any. Oh yeah, the moral of the story? There is no such think in life as a free lunch.

"We have met the enemy and they are ours." - U.S. naval captain Oliver Hazard Perry (1785–1819) wrote these famous words in a letter to U.S. army general William Henry Harrison (1773–1841) after defeating the British navy at the Battle of Lake Erie on September 10, 1813.

"We have met the enemy and they are ours." - U.S. naval captain Oliver Hazard Perry (1785–1819) wrote these famous words in a letter to U.S. army general William Henry Harrison (1773–1841) after defeating the British navy at the Battle of Lake Erie on September 10, 1813.

Drinkability: Okay. Would drink it again.
Appearance: Pale to medium amber.
The Buds: Kind of Hoppy for my tastes
TBR Cap Rating: 3.75 out of 5 caps.

December 30, 2009

Greene King’s Old Speckled Hen English Pale Ale Beer Review 12.30.09

The Beer Named After a Car  - Moreland's Old Speckled Hen.

The Beer Named After a Car - Moreland's Old Speckled Hen.

The Brewski Report Reviews Greene King’s Old Speckled Hen and the President’s Popularity Slide.
File Date: 12.30.09

File Name:  A New Paint Job Doesn’t Make Something New Again.
The Beer: Old Speckled Hen
Type: English Pale Ale
Serving: Clear Bottle
Stats: 5.2% ABV
Brewer:  Greene King / Moreland Brewery
Country of Origin: UK (England)
Brewer Info: Morland was a brewery in Abingdon in the English county of Oxfordshire (formerly Berkshire). They first brewed in West Ilsley in 1711. It was purchased and closed by Greene King in 2000; and production of the Morland beers was moved to their brewery in Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk.

Greene King has operated pubs and brewing for over 200 years. Combining successful traditional ale brands with modern forward thinking, Greene King has grown steadily from its base in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk to become a leading pub retailer and brewer.  Greene King brews all of its beers in Bury St Edmunds, where ale has been a feature of life since at least as far back as 1086. But we’ve taken the traditional art of brewing to new heights, producing what is arguably the finest range of cask ales in the country. Our beers are as much at home in city centre nightspots as they are in the cosy lounge of the village pub; we’ve taken the traditional craft of brewing and turned it into an art form. No other UK brewer is as committed to cask ale.

greene-king-tavern-plaque1Brewer Brand Hype: “Old Speckled Hen” was first brewed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the MG car factory in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Named after an old MG car which was used as the factory run around, they would park the old MG Featherweight Fabric Saloon outside the paint shop where it would normally get spattered in paint and so it became known as the ‘Owld Speckl’d Un’. This turned into “Old Speckled Hen” when the beer was unveiled. Since then the finely balanced beer with a distinctive rich malty taste and fruity aroma has attracted many fans, including the fox, who is always on the hunt for his Hen.

The Run-Around Car That Spawned the Name....

The Run-Around Car That Spawned the Name....

Label:  Named after an unusual speckled vintage MG car, Old Speckled Hen is a Pale Ale which owes it’s distinctive character and dry taste to a unique strain of yeast first used in 1896.  The complex flavour reflects skills developed across more than 280 years of independent brewing history.


The Brewski Review:  Here is an interesting, yet unqualified factoid I heard the other day: President Obama’s popularity has been declining due to FOX News’ use of attractive women commentators.  I found this comment to be rather interesting.  Now, I’m not sure if the gentleman who made the statement actually believed  what he said or if he was searching for any ammunition he could fire in a conversation he was quickly loosing regarding the correlation of the rise of FOX News and the freefall of the President’s popularity.  FOX News, as you may know, has been trouncing all the other news media outlets of late.  I have watched FOX News and yes, there are attractive women commentators on the show.  I will also agree that guys are visual creatures and wanting to watch attractive women wouldn’t be a big stretch.  But, a guy being swayed to switch his political affiliation while watching and listening to attractive women IS a stretch.  Either he’s of weak constitution or the women are VERY convincing.  That said, I do see a correlation: there is a rising discontent to what’s been happening in the country lately and those concerned individuals would rather opt to gather information from an outlet that doesn’t lean to the left.  FOX News isn’t accelerating the President’s popularity slide.  That blame rests squarely on the President and those decision makers he elected to surround himself with.  Speaking of FOX, the mascot for Moreland’s Old Speckled Hen is in fact a fox.  Their ads promo a fox in search of the ‘Hen’.  Ironic isn’t it.  I thought so.  Overall, the beer was average.  Poured with a nice head and maintained a nice amber color.  Taste was mildly bitter but not too much.  The ‘Hen’ didn’t grab my taste buds and surely didn’t leave them screaming for more.   

Drinkability: Offered a choice, I’d probably try something else.
Appearance: Medium amber in color.
The Buds:  Crisp taste with medium bitterness.
TBR Cap Rating:  3.5 out of 5 caps.

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