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August 14, 2010

July 29, 2010

George Killian’s Irish Red Beer Review 7.29.10

The Big Red One.

The Big Red One.

The Brewski Report Reviews Killians Irish Red
File Date: 7.29.2010

File Name: Sports Mans Bar Is The Ticket
The Beer: Killians Irish Red
Type: American Amber/Red Lager
Serving: Draft
Stats: 4.9% ABV
Brewer: Coors Brewery/MillerCoors
Web Site:
Country of Origin: CO, USA
Brewer Info: [Lett’s Brewery] was a Franciscan abbey, and then an iron works – which is where it got the Mill Park name. Then my great-grandfather took it over and established the Lett family brewery in 1864. “Let’s Drink Lett’s” was a well-known advertising slogan of its day. When Mill Park Brewery finally closed in 1956, it was the last remaining independent brewery in Ireland. Why the horse on the George Killian’s label? My family has always raised horses. Before automobiles, my family used horse and dray to deliver beer. My grandfather would drive his team around the county to slake the thirst of the stout men who worked the famed barley fields of Wexford. He said horses were better than cars, because a horse could always find it’s way back from the pubs to the brewery even if its driver no longer could. George Killian’s Irish Red is very much like the popular Ruby Ale originally brewed by my great-grandfather. Unlike Ruby Ale, George Killian’s Irish Red is brewed with lager yeast, which gives it a more crisp, clean finish. (Lett’s Brewery closed in 1956 and the name George Killian was purchased by the Pelforth Brewery in France. In 1989, Coors purchased the rights to the name ‘Killians Irish Red’ from the French brewery.)

tbr-killians-neonBrewer Brand Hype: There’s an art to roasting barley: the darker the roast, the darker the beer. George Killian’s Irish Red owes it’s rich red color and flavor to the extra time and expertise it takes to make perfectly slow-roasted carmalized malt. Unlike some, we use nothing artificial to color our beer. Its exquisite ruby red hue is the true color of the malt. Surprisingly smooth. Distinctively malty. Clean. A little creamy. Flavorful, but not at all heavy. This is how drinkers characterize George Killians Irish Red.
Label: Got nothin’.tbr-killians-banner

The Brewski Review: I was drinking this draft the other night in a ‘sports’ bar. If I’ve never mentioned it before I’ll tell you that I’ve always wanted to own my own bar. But mine would be different. I’m not a sports fanatic so I started to think that it would be great to open a ‘sportsmans’ or outdoorsmans bar. I’m talking about fly and ice fishing, black powder, bow and long rifle hunting, boating, trapping, big game, guided hunts, camping, hiking, traveling to exotic locations and the people who tamed them. I picture a low light atmosphere, old b&w photos on the walls, an exotic game menu, a bartender with a tie and jacket behind the bar and a few hottie waitresses who know what a .308 is and how to field dress a deer. I’d make the bar look like it’s been part of that location for 125 years. That would be different, cool and classy.  Anyway, that’s what’ I would do. Like the idea? If you do it send me picture of your joint and I’ll post them. I could see serving a tasty beer like Killians in my place.  I was actually expecting something a little heavier but it was surprised. Since Coors only purchased the rights to use the name Killians, I wonder how different Coors version is to the original Lett family recipe?

Drinkability: Surprisinly good.
Appearance: Reddish amber color.
The Buds: Not as heavy as I expected.
TBR Cap Rating: 4.0 caps out of 5.

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