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January 31, 2010

Newcastle Brown Ale Beer Review 1.31.10

Scottish &  Newcastle Sells Out To Heineken.

Scottish & Newcastle Sells Out To Heineken.

The Brewski Report Reviews Heinekin’s Recently Purchased Newcastle Brown Ale Beer and My Den Wood Paneling.
File Date: 1.31.10

File Name: It’s Been Three Years Already?
The Beer: Newcastle Brown Ale
Type: English Brown Ale
Serving: Bottle
Stats: 4.7% ABV
Brewer: Scottish & Newcastle / Heinekin International                    Website:                            Country of Origin: UK (Scotland)
Brewer Info: Scottish & Newcastle plc was a “long alcoholic drinks” (LADs) company with positions in 15 countries, including UK, France and Russia. It was headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. In the last 20 years, S&N expanded significantly from its home base to become an international business with beer volumes growing almost tenfold. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange and was once a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index but it was acquired jointly by Heineken and Carlsberg in April 2008, with the company’s assets being split between them. The trading name “Scottish & Newcastle UK” continues to be used, for the time being, to denote the UK trading operation of Heineken International.

tbr-sn-logo1Brewer Brand Hype: The local drink with a global reputation, Newcastle Brown Ale is enjoyed by drinkers across five continents and is the No. 1 packaged ale in the UK. As the North East’s most famous “export” it sits at the heart of a local community and yet, can be found on almost every street throughout the world. The mutual respect and adoration that Newcastle Brown Ale commands can be attributed to its delicate fruit aroma and caramel and nutty malt taste which it pleasurable and easy
to drink.
Label: It’s well known that the Newcastle Brown Ale is full of flavour and remarkably smooth. What’s less well known is that the bridge over river Tyne in Newcastle was built by the same company that constructed the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia. The Tyne bridge was opened in 1928 by King George V and Queen Mary and still features proudly on Newcastle Brown Ale’s label.

The Brewski Review: I can beleive that I’m close to completing the paneling in my den. This has been a three year project. (Actually, I’ve postponed it two of those years while I torn down/rebuilt my garage.) Check out these photos of the den trim in process and all the final parts in place. Of course, there are a few issues that still remain such as filling in a few hundred brad holes. But, for the most part, the big work is done. I’ll really be happy when it’s finished. After filling the nail holes I’ll hang plastic over the walls, refinish the softwood floors (yes, beleive it or not, I have some type of ‘soft wood’ flooring – one of the SPF tree types I would imagine). But, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. These few final steps may still take several weeks since I’ll need to wait for more suitable outdoor weather. As I discharge all the floor sanding dust out through a fan in the window I wouldn’t want to pull all the heat out with it. I’m sure my wife would have a few things to say about that. She would of had a few good comments about Newcastle Brown Ale if she had tried it I’m sure. But, my nursing son has wheat allergies so she’s sworn off tasting my beers until he’s finally off the nature’s own. I have good things to say about this beer. I rather enjoyed it and would recommend it to others. Nice malty taste. Smooth drinking. Give one a try.

Drinkability: Enjoyed drinking this one.
Appearance: Dark amber brown in color.
The Buds: Liked the malty taste.
TBR Cap Rating: 4 out of 5 caps.

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